Get Your Vision, Get Your Life
You are NOT alone! 
Hi, I'm Kristel David and founder of The Fox Project. This community started from a place of transparency and vulnerability. I am constantly being asked how I do it all. WifeComplex is my answer. Yes, I truly have a happy marriage, to a former NFL athlete and now multi-business owner. Yes, I have well behaved kids, 5 girls to be exact. And yes, I am growing successful businesses. I am also very eager to stay kept up in the areas of self-care, beauty, and investing in my own learning and self development. But, that doesn’t just all happen and it doesn’t always look or feel perfect. I wanted to be real about that and share the complexities behind it all in a way that could empower someone else to own whatever their version of womanhood looked like.
I want to help other women give themselves permission to date their husbands, release their mom guilt, cultivate their gifts, love themselves and indulge in their sexy. So, I decided to put myself out there ( which was a little terrifying to say the least ) and become a voice and a space that makes it okay for moms and wives to keep a piece of themselves alive. To realize that part of being the best mom and wife is being the best version of themselves first. And to inspire women who will step into those roles one day to know that you can have it all!
You don't have to give up on YOU and lose your life just to become a family woman!
Yes Kristel, I want you to show me how to get my best life!
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