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I believe that you will be truly happy and deeply fulfilled when you get radically honest about who you are and what you want. 

Join this safe space to celebrate all of your blessings and dive deeper into creating your deepest dreams and desires! You are allowed to feel like you have it all and yet be yearning for more.

Life isn't about the things you have and do, it's about who you become in the process!

I help professional athlete's wives get out of her man's shadows, tap into her identity and passion by building her OWN dreams and legacy alongside her man.


Authenticity is your greatest attribute.

You are constantly being praised for being you: beautiful and holding it down and it is time to go deeper and show the world the true you! Creating passion and impact using your gifts and talents, being a vessel for others and going after all the dreams your heart desires!

it all starts

with you.



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This high impact mastermind and private coaching experience is designed for driven professional athlete wives who know they are meant for more and want to get clear on who they are, what they want and how to remain the submissive trophy wife and still be the powerful, ambitious and goal digging woman she was born to be!


  • Clear goals and tools to accomplish them

  • Discover deeper purpose & self-Identity

  • Preparing a fulfilling & sustainable life for after retirement

  • Feeling connected to powerful women and community

  • Access new levels of commitment to themselves and their relationships

  • The ability to be more intimate and present

  • Create the clarity and confidence to turn your ideas into action


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